Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get to Know -- Foret Two

What is your Etsy shop name? What sort of crafting supplies do you sell?
We are ForetTwo - Extraordinary Vintage and Supplies. ForetTwo is your source for vintage beads, stone beads, cabs and cut gemstones, textiles, metal beads, shell, stampings, cinnabar, mineral specimens … lots of cool stuff!

What's your favorite item/line that you sell?
Hard to say. Mainly, I love it when a customer is thrilled with what they find in my shop. Seems that not that many people carry amber, so those sales are special.

Street clothes or Pajamas?
Both, sometimes at once.

Biggest indulgence or guilty pleasure?
Single malt scotch.

Favorite food?
Anything with green chili on or in it.

Favorite website(s) aside from Etsy? If you like weird science and things like that, you will LOVE this website! Favorite craft website (not Etsy)? I am really digging the look and feel of 1000markets although I have not had any sales there yet. It is a great concept.

What goals do you have for your shop over the next year?
#1- Learn SEO and apply it to my own websites as well as creating another income stream by optimizing for others, #2- Sell my art, photography and digital art online, #3- Get my astrology website (for which I have had the domain name for three years, ahem..) up and running, #4- Move to the next great place which is awaiting me!, #5- Find my son a new agent and get him launched in film/TV, and #6- Become active in immigration law reform.

If you sell on other venues, where else can we find your items?
I have another Etsy shop for handmade goods. I also have shops on Dawanda and 1000markets as well.


Rocki said...

LOL! "Both, sometimes at once" - love it! Oh and yes, green chili is a MUST have staple in our house - yum!

Great feature on a fantastic fellow etsian!

CarDon said...

We need to get together :)

Artful Mosaics By Dana said...

Great interview! Great shop :)

I live in green chili country...come down my way and visit the great Hatch chili festival!!!

Artful Mosaics By Dana said...

Actually, it me...Artful Mosaic Supplies! Must open a Google account for my supply shop :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow...great comments. I just now read this~~~~shows how much I am paying attention. Doh!

Green chili fans, UNITE!

CarDon...your profile is a treasure trove of blogs! Wow. Sure! Let's get together...somehow.