Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Beads from ESST

Autumn is just around the corner for many of us. I can see the difference around here. The air is cooler and the landscape is starting to slowly change.

I've noticed the palette on Etsy changing too. Here's a sampling from our street team to help you get ready for Fall.

1. Bamboo Tiles from Vigaro Creations
2. Autumn Brights by Four Tails Lampwork
3. Yellow Jade from UBB Business
4. Greek Ceramic Beads from Adobe Supplies
5. Vintage Glass Leaves from Black Star Beads
6. Bronzite Faceted Ovals from CarDon Creative Designs
7. Whole Bunch of Beads from schOOLLOcker
8. Autumn Swirl Nuggets by Bead Blanket Bingo
9. Dzi Beads from Beads4You
10. Topaz Mix from RJ Beads
11. Citrine Rondelles from Mermaid Stones
12. Copper Sky from Mountain Shadow Design
13. Variegated Autumn Leaves from Pinkee
14. Vintage German Honeycomb by MK Supplies
15. Autumn Leaves by NKP Beads
16. Orange Seed Beads by Plurfection

Article written by BlackStarBeads.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Clearance at RJ Beads!

Check out the ever growing Summer Clearance section at RJ Beads!

With currently over 40 items on clearance, there are lots of fun and unique finds at up to 50% off! Take advantage of the flat rate shipping offered at RJ Beads and stock up on some great glass, wood, shell and semi-precious stones today!