Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shop Advice: etsyhacks

If you haven't already heard about etsyhacks, you'll wish you had once you try them. Ian, the husband of an Etsy seller, is a coding genius and has created many 'hacks' that make selling on Etsy so much easier.

My favorites are the Shop Tools hack which adds a "shop tools" section to your shop and listing pages, the Cancel Transaction hack for those 'almost' sales, and the long requested Copy Listing hack, which allows you to create a new listing based on an existing listing.

And for those of us who spend way too many hours on the forums, grab the Forum Wrangler hack. This hack tracks your forum reading, and highlights posts to make it easier to keep track of threads you're interested in. It also brings you back to the page you posted on after adding to a thread. You'll don't know how you survived the forums without it.

Please note this - etsyhacks is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Etsy. Anything provided on these pages is done so free of charge, and with no warranty. Use at your own risk. Spread the word - selling on Etsy just got easier.

There are many more than are listed here, so please visit the etsyhacks Blog for more information, or view all the IE Hacks or FireFox Hacks at once.


The Beading Tree said...

Thanks for the reminder about etsyhacks! I MUST remember to go check them out soon!! :)

Etsy Supply Street Team said...

etsyhacks is really a great productivity tool. It really is worth the time to look into how it can help you sell more, and manage your Etsy shop more efficiently.