Friday, February 13, 2009

Get to Know -- Yarn to Spin

What is your Etsy shop name?
Yarn to Spin. I chose my name about 9 years ago. Yarn To Spin or Yarn 2 Spin is a reference to my two passions. Fiber Arts and Story Telling. I have even been known to 'spin a yarn' while 'spinning yarn'.

What sort of crafting supplies do you sell?
I sell supplies for Fiber Artisans. Products for spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and felting.

I really enjoy offering unique fibers for spinning. I do carry all the basic roving types. But what I really like is to find the unusual things like vegetable fibers, exotic wools, and novelty fibers. That is what makes this art fun.

Do you craft yourself? If so, what do you like to make?
I love to use the products I sell. I have been a fiber artisan myself for... uhh, 30 years or so. It all started with the first potholder that my Grandma taught me to crochet. Come to think of it, that was more than 30 years ago. I do have an etsy shop where I offer the items I create. They can be found at
Favorite website(s) aside from Etsy?
I don't have television, so I'd say it is either CNN or Wunderground. My favorite craft website besides Etsy is Ravelry
Please tell us one thing that nobody would know about you.
Hmm, well my personal friends know, but online you may not know that I have a blended family of 8 children, plus 2 exchange students. Some of my kids have flown the nest, but we still have 12 people and 15 angora rabbits that live in our home.

Biggest indulgence or guilty pleasure?
My biggest indulgence is unique jewelry. Usually from some of my favorite Etsy artisans.

What goals do you have for your shop over the next year?
I really want to get my online Fiber shop going in 2009. I have a dream of being a stay at home mom before my last kid is out of the house.

If you sell on other venues, where else can we find your items?
I have 2 Etsy shops: for fiber art supplies and for my finished items I create myself.

I also have a brick and mortar store in Greenville, MI.
You can follow my ramblings at


Denise said...

I love your shop and all your wonderful fibers!

CarDon said...

Wow, I love to find out all these great thnings about Team ESST shop owners!

Rocki said...

Wow... 8 + kids AND rabbits! Now that's alot of pitter-patter in that house! Spinning yarn has always amazed me. Beautiful feature and lovely shops!

Bette's Bags said...

Love your Etsy shop! (One day I promise myself I will learn to spin.)