Monday, February 2, 2009

An Idea by Fabric Samples

Shelia from Fabric Samples has a fun idea to share.

Try using Designer Fabric Samples with grommet holes on a drapery rod pole. If you thread them back and forth, they can become a valence, a café curtain, or a half curtain. Some of these samples are gorgeous and could be used alone as a wall hanging on a metal rod. This idea would be great behind a bed, as a faux headboard.

Another fun idea is to attach them to each other with a belt to make a skirt.

These fabric samples come in a variety of color lots and coordinated pattern lots as well. The most fun ones are the 8” wide x 18” long; but, the 12” x 15” are great too.

Shelia at Fabric Samples is full of great ideas for her samples, but would love to hear about more ideas of how to use them. Please leave a comment to share your idea.


LeaKarts said...

What fun ideas!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

this is a creative idea!