Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shop Advice: Pictobrowser

This is one of the coolest little tools out there to show off your Flickr. It's called Pictobrowser and it is more than easy to use. Just type in your Flickr name, pick a group, set or tag, choose your size, then copy and paste the code. You can add a permanent slide show to the side of your blog as a widget, or copy and past the code into the HTML of your post, as we have done below.

To get your own Pictobrowser, either use the link at the bottom of the one on this page, or to start from scratch, bookmark this link: Enjoy!


CarDon said...

Wow, this is really cool. I love flickr and this is a great tool.

Thanks for the info!!

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the Flickr pics really come out nicely in this tool. And it is super easy to use!

Rocki said...

Very cool indeed! Can't believe how many tools there are out there. Great post!