Monday, March 2, 2009

Shop Advice: Facebook Friends Lists

Back in December Facebook launched Friends Lists, which allows you to easily organize your friends into logical groups that reflect your relationships.  You can have up to 100 Friends Lists and up to 1,500 friends per List, and this new tool can be used to send private messages to all friends in a List.  If you use Facebook for promoting your Etsy shop, consider streamlining your Lists to reflect your business side and your personal side.  By having dedicated  "work" lists you'll be able to limit the exposure of your friends and family to your professional networking and vice versa.  Useful lists for etsians to consider include Blog Readers, Etsy Shop Friends and Team Friends.  And don't forget: the same friend can be on multiple lists.


Rocki said...

I've been wanting to try out Facebook, but with working all day it's sometimes hard to choose which of the online sites to update daily. Hmm, maybe I should give this a shot and see how it works.

Great post!

Golden West said...

Thanks for such an informative post!