Sunday, March 15, 2009

Team ESST on Blockhead Radio Live!

On March 24th at 8pm (est) Team ESST will be on Blockhead Radio Live. We will apart of the "Artisan Teams & Groups" talk show. Not only will we discuss our great team, we will be talking about our Fabulous Supply shops. Our team members have awesome supplies for crafters and designers. Team ESST has members in 12 different catagories of supplies. Our members carry a wide variety of items from Buttons to Yarn. We have commercial and handmade supplies.

Come and join us on the talk show :) To sign up for a user name: To listen to the show and participate in chat:


LeaKarts said...

So exiting!

Bee Square Fabrics said...

Thanks for the announcement! I can't wait to tune in.

Tulip's Talking said...

Hey there!

I too am excited and looking forward to Carla being my co-host tonight.

Go to: and sign up for a user name. The earlier the better because you will receive a necessary email.

Looking forward to all of you joining in the chat forum while you listen to the show and get FREE shameless promotion of you own shop/site.

~Lily a/k/a HotLips a/k/a TuLips (