Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wists: Create your own Wish List

My family always asks what I'd like for gifts for the holidays. Sometimes, there is a crafting supply or some hard-to-explain item I want on Etsy. Unfortunately I find it pretty difficult to show the gift giver exactly what I want.

That is until I discovered Wists. It is a wish list & social shopping website that allows you to collect images and links to all the things you'd like to buy on the web. This is a particularly good idea for shopping on Etsy. I know you can use your favorites on Etsy to do this as well, but with Wists you can write up a little note giving details about each item. For example: If I added a fabric swatch I can say "I'd like 2 yards of this fabric please."

It is pretty easy to use. Just sign up and follow the directions to install their button on your browser's toolbar. Any time you see something you like you can click the button in your browser and it will add the item to your wish list. Whenever someone asks what you'd like as a gift, just send them a link to your list. Hopefully it will help you get everything you want this holiday season.

Here is one I started to try it out to see what it is all about: http://wists.com/beesquarefabrics Take a look and let us know what you think.