Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sewing Supplies - Patterns: Destasing Diva

In the world of Etsy you'll find an array of supply sellers. Some sell new items, some handmade, some vintage and some specializing in destashing. Destash is a term used when a crafter tries to free up their supplies, or stash, by selling or trading them for newer items. Destashing Diva a member of Team ESST is one of these shops. The idea is brilliant, it is great for the environment, allows for more affordable prices, and puts some fantastic patterns back into circulation.

Destashing Diva has a nice range of vintage to contemporary children's and adult patterns available in her shop. She gives a nice description of what types of fabric work for each pattern as well as sewing level and condition of the pattern.

Please visit Destashing Diva on Etsy for new and destashed sewing patterns.