Saturday, November 1, 2008

Etsy Plug on Apartment Therapy

Amber B on the blog Apartment Therapy has written a post entitled: Simple Green: Gearing Up for Holiday Shopping. It's about saving money whilst being eco-friendly, and among the techniques she suggests is to shop at Etsy.

• Better yet, buy everything handmade. You can delve into the world of online shopping, turning to Etsy to find the perfect hand-knit scarf for your best friend, or just the right wallet for your younger brother. Supporting handmade goods is a great way to impact local communities. Plus, without mass production, the carbon footprint is itty-bitty. And, of course, you can look for upcycled or recycled items that will have an even better green imprint. You need to shop soon, though; Etsy items need to be shipped, and many sellers already have holiday instructions up on their site. So plan ahead!

It's nice to hear a public reference to Etsy that does not seem to think that ETSY is only a "flea market." So get thee over to her blog, teammates, and comment positively on her post! (That gets your name out there for her readers to look for when shopping at ETSY.)