Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Kristin said...

My blog post from today has a variety of other etsy sellers also participating in the yart sale. Check it out http://worthburning.blogspot.com/

Also- Next year- it would be really interesting to organize a Tweetup on twitter similar to the #etsyday tweetup earlier this year. I think it would bring alot of extra advertising to the yart sale and other sellers on etsy if you could organize enough people to make it trend on twitter.

carollai said...

wonderful! thanks for creating this great fun sale. i've chosen to participate as well. :)

and a small writeup at: http://www.mustardseedbycarollai.blogspot.com

CreekHiker said...

I just joined in the yart sale and I know lots of my fire diva team is participating too!

My Etsy shop has 15 % off my artisan lampwork beads and free shipping with the purchase of three items! HollysFolly.Etsy.com

Thanks for hosting this!

kobrienjewelry said...

Great idea. I have both of my store participating in the sale, free shipping on everything along with some other deals posted in my titles.
I mentioned it on my blog also: www.kobrienjewelry.blogspot.com