Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tutorial: Guaridan Angel

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Want to make your own guardian angels? RJ of RJ Beads shows you how...

1 pair flat nose jewelry pliers
1 pair round nose jewelry pliers
1 pair wire cutters

1 4mm frosted white glass bead (for head)
1 pewter angel wing bead
1 12mm glass flower bead (for skirt)
1 head pin
1 jump ring

Step 1
- assemble components on your head pin from bottom to top, ie. skirt, wings, head (see fig.1). Fit tightly together at bottom of head pin.

Step 2 - Using flat nose pliers, bend head just above the angel-head bead.

Step 3 - Using round nose pliers, loop headpin around pliers creating a small loop, then wrap the head pin around itself, between the loop and the angel-head bead to secure (see fig.2).


Step 4 - Using wire cutter, trim head pin. Using flat nose pliers flatten any excess wire to prevent snagging.

Step 5 - Using both pliers, gently open jump ring - pulling one side towards you and one side away from you. Slide headpin loop onto jump ring. Close jump ring.

Voila! Your own guardian angel! You can now strong your angel onto a chain, ribbon or cord! Make it into a bookmark, or even a cell phone or purse charm!

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fig.4 Finished Angel