Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing the ETSY Supplies Street Team: Cocomo

(Cross Posted from "A Torching Good Story" by Four Tails Lampwork, 10/16/2008)

This is the next in my series about the wonderful peeps of Team ESST! It's been over a month, and my poor teammates have been very patient. Here's introducing a team member with a fantastically funny sense of humor, Cocomo Mosaics.

Cocomo has mosaic art in several different styles, ranging from the lovely to the quirky. She has a wide assortment of finished tiles, from glass blob tiles, retro tiles, and flower tiles. My favorite section are the coolio tiles. These are just!

Cocomo has 728 sales ... and lots of happy customers! So go check her out if you're looking for mosaic art supplies.

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