Sunday, September 14, 2008

Check Out: Sandritocat

Sandritocat's Original Vintage Sewing Patterns has been open for business on Etsy since December 2007, I recently asked owner Sandra a few questions and here's what she had to say:

Q: How did you start selling patterns?
A: I collected "graphics" on vintage patterns then I came into a large amount of patterns and decided to sell them.

Q: What's your favorite item in your shop, right now and why?
A: This fabric reminds me of fabric my Mom used to sew my clothes from.

Q: Recommend something *different* a crafter could use your supplies for.
A: I've used some of the patterns envelopes and patterns pieces in collages. Only if they are missing so many pieces, no one could sew from the pattern.

Q: Do you have a frequent buyer program? or offer bulk pricing?
A: I usually do something special for my 100th, 200th .... sale. I just recently gave 50% to my 500th customer. I also offer combined and free shipping:

FREE SHIPPING OFFER! Offer good in USA only.
Buy 3 patterns or more and I will ship for FREE
Buy 5 Sewing Patterns and get 5% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 10 Sewing Patterns and get 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 15 Sewing Patterns and get 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 20+ Sewing Patterns and get 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

Buy 1-2 patterns = $5.00 shipping
Buy 3-4 patterns = $7.00 shipping
Buy 5-6 patterns = $9.50 shipping
Buy 7-9 patterns = $12.50 shipping
Buy 10 patterns = $20.00 + 10% off
Buy 15 pattern = $20.00 + 15% off
Buy 20 patterns = $20.00 + 20% off
Buy 25+ pattern = FREE SHIPPING + 20% off.

Must pay from one invoice for Paypal payment.

So pop on over to Sandritocat's Original Vintage Sewing Patterns and take a look around. If you're a collector or looking for a fabulous vintage pattern to whip yourself up something new, Sandritocat has an amazing selection - with Women's patterns going all the way back to the 19030's!

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LeaKarts said...

I love vintage patterns! They make me wish that I knew how to sew :) Great article, and great shop!

JazziesJunque said...

This is a wonderful article. Vintage patterns are fantastic.

Katie said...

I love the pictures on the patterns. And some of the styles are awesome. Makes me want to pull out my Singer.

Krazy Kate Designs said...

I love vintage patterns and they do make wonderful collages.