Thursday, September 4, 2008

Check Out: MK Supplies

Margaret of MK Supplies has been selling supplies on Etsy since March 2008, I recently asked her a few questions and here's what she had to say:

Q: How did you start selling supplies?
A: I am obsessed with vintage beads and supplies in general, I myself am a jewelry designer and artist. I decided when I started to hoard vintage supplies for my own creations, that I might as well own a shop for supplies as well, as half of the fun to me is searching out the materials. It has since blossomed, and become a business that keeps me very busy, and super happy.

Q: What your favorite item in your shop, right now and why?
A: My favorite item in my shop right now are the vintage brass roses with genuine rubies set in them. They were so gorgeous, that I bought every last one of them! I saw endless possibilities with these pieces, and was instantly inspired.

Q: Recommend something *different* a crafter could use your supplies for.
A: While I market my items as jewelry supplies, a lot of jewelry supplies are suitable for altered arts, card making, scrap booking, and embellishing just about anything. I have seen gorgeous collages made using vintage plastic flowers like the ones I sell in my shop
To sum it all up Margaret says that her shop has a large amount of unused (old stock) vintage items, and new contemporary items that work wonderfully with vintage style designs. She also carries a decent amount of contemporary Czech glass beads. MK Supplies is constantly expanding, and Margaret takes great pride in my customer service. And she ships worldwide! So pop on over to MK Supplies and have a look around.

Margaret also uses her supplies in fabulous creations - which you can check out in her other Etsy shop, Margaret Kelly.

"Check Out" is a new twice-weekly series by RJ Beads, featuring a new ESST shop each week. ESST has a wide membership and so many different types of supply shops, no matter what you're looking for one of the ESST shops is bound to have what you need! The next time you're shopping for supplies, be sure to shop ESST!


JustJaynes said...

Great article RJ! I've made several purchases from MK and will be buying more from her! She has a great shop and provides excellent customer service!

Katie said...

Great idea for a series of articles! And great interview with MK. I love those roses.

crostinidesigns said...

Fabulous - so cool and I love the flowers with rubies!

JazziesJunque said...

Those buttons are gorgeous. Wonderful article MK