Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome Donna to ESST

Donna we want to welcome you and your husband home and to ESST.
And congratulations on the success of your new shop,

From the ESST gang - We all are so glad you both are here.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Donna, welcome to ESST and Etsy!

faro said...

Welcome Donna- We've heard a lot about you and are impatiently waiting to meet you!

Hope your trip was exciting and fun and not too hard on everyone.

Now, get to work! :o)

LeaKarts said...


JazziesJunque said...

I am so glad you both are here safe. Your daughter is so special to us too. Happy Easter.

Katie said...

Hi Donna. Welcome to Etsy! I'm really glad that you're finally here. We've been counting down the days. :)