Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artsyhandpaints newest Mosaic Masterpiece

This beautiful piece was lovingly made by one of our ESST members, artsyhandpaints. She explains below how it was made and the time it took to make something so gorgeous.

"To make this mini mosaic art piece, I first glued the monopoly pieces on a round wooden plaque. After the adhesive dried and set, I drew a rough design for the stained glass. I then cut all of the stained glass pieces and glued them into place.

After the adhesive set up for a couple of days, I mixed the grout and applied it to the wooden plaque. I cleaned up the extra grout and let it set up for several days.

Next I sanded, painted and sealed the sides and back of the piece. My last step was to add several coats of a tile sealer on the grout."

Thanks Kathleen for sharing with us how you made this mosaic.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Artsy, you did a wonderful job!

Katie said...

It's beautiful!

artsyphartsy said...

Thanks Krazy Kate and Katie and a special thanks to the Queen Jazzie.

Raffy Jay said...

Your works are great! Really!