Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tutorial - Pelican And Flamingo Bird Templates

By Michelle of Evie's Tool Emporium

The Etsy Supply Street Team - ESST - is very lucky to have a very diversified group of sellers. Each seller brings a level of expertise to our team with their unique business backgrounds. I'm excited to share with you today the expertise of Amanda, of 32NorthSupplies. Her shop is filled with amazing Dresden trims from Germany, fancy fabric trims and other delightful finds. Today Amanda is sharing with us wonderful Pelican and Flamingo bird templates.

From My Garden to Yours: Pelican & Flamingo Bird Templates
This flamingo keeps watch over an ornamental garlic and a group of impatiens.

Spring is definitely in the air and, as we say goodbye to winter here in the southwest, I'm looking forward to spending more and more time in my garden. Blue skies and gentle breezes are hard to resist after being inside more than usual so far this year.
This guy belonged to my great-grandmother. She gave it to my mom and my mom let me have him.

Apart from my great-grandmother's garden gnome, my absolute favorite garden accessories are several vintage wooden flamingos on stakes and one lone pelican. Over the years they've weathered beautifully to where you can see the grain of the wood. Neat patches of moss have replaced old paint, and the flamingos have faded from their original pink color.
I love how the wood grain is exposed.

Just in case you need a flamingo or pelican of your own, I've included a template below for you to download. Just click for the larger version and drag it into your desktop. You can enlarge or reduce as needed.
This pelican came off his stake, but sits quite nicely at the base of a newly planted king palm.

If you want to put one on a stake, simply drill a hole near the bottom. Using needle nose pliers bend a thick wire through the hole and squeeze it tight. You can always use one of the stake legs from a tomato cage if you're hard pressed for a thick enough wire.
A close up of how the stake is attached.

Here's the template:


All Things Beadiful said...

How perfect for the garden! They look great.

jemmdee said...

These look like fun to make. Thanks for sharing the templates and your story with us.