Friday, February 11, 2011

Get To Know - Kapara

By Michelle of Evie's Tool Emporium

What is your Etsy shop name?

How did you come up with that name?
I love this bend, it's name "Los Kaparos" it is an Israeli bend. Also a word that originate in Arabic, which is highly used in Israeli slang describing a good person.

What sort of crafting supplies do you sell?
Carton tags/cards from leftover paper from printing houses, that been disposed by them.

Favorite website(s) aside from Etsy?
Lots of blogs

Do you craft yourself? If so, what do you like to make?
Yes, I make polymer clay jewelry accessories and supplies

Please tell us one thing that nobody would know about you.
I am really open person, so there is nothing I could think of:-)

What is your favorite thing to make for dinner?
When we having dinner with my kid Pizza, and if it is romantic dinner with my hubby the Sushi

What goals do you have for your shop over the next year?
I really really want my shop to be more profitable, with large variety of items


ViSart-DaLi Claying Mama said...

Thank you very much for the feature!

jemmdee said...

Thanks for sharing! Your shop is full of nice and interesting items. Good luck!

ennadoolf said...

You've got a great shop - I love browsing in it!

Anne of PatternsAndSuch.