Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bite size blog!

Want to wake up to the latest TEAMESST news? We have a blogger widget (Blidget)that you can upload onto your desktop or import into your own blog. You can change the size and the background to make it fit.

This is it...

You can find it here.

Blidgit link

You can see how it looks on a blog here :) Feel free to follow while your there :)

When you arrive at the page you can change the width, background and colour of the widget. You can choose to import straight onto most of the most popular social sites or take the code in either HMTL - Flash or JAVA :)

Enjoy! and PLEASE add it to all your blogs and social sites.



CarDon said...

Wow! What an interesting way to blog!

Rocki said...

That is a VERY cool tool!